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Camera at War <by> Jorge Lewinski  (Author)

Camera at War Jorge Lewinski (Author)


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The Polish-born author of this book, renowned photographer Jorge Lewinski (March 25, 1921 - January 31, 2008) survived Soviet occupation, internment and a Siberian forced-labour camp to make his way to the Western Allies with whom he served in the Middle East. In 1942 he was selected for transfer to Great Britain where he became a member of the RAF. After the war he settled there permanently and eventually married French photographer Mayotte Magnus, born in 1934. From 1968 to 1982 he became Senior Lecturer in photography and art history at the London College Of Printing. This fully-indexed work of his, measuring 8 ¬Ω x 12 and containing 240 pages, was first published in 1978 in the U.K. by W. H. Allen & Co. Ltd., while this edition came out from Octopus Books Limited of London in 1986. The contents are broken down as follows: Introduction (pages 7 to 34); Part One - Distant Witness 1848-1912 (pages 35 to 60); Part Two - Dispassionate Observer - First World War - Spanish Civil War (pages 61 to 92); Part Three - Enlisted Combatant - Second World War (pages 93 to 136); Part Four - Intimate Companion - Korea - Northern Ireland (pages 137 to 194); Part Five - Intense Explorer - Vietnam (pages 195 to 222); Postscript - Civilians, Children and Women (pages 223 to 235); Bibliography (pages 236/237); Index (pages 238 to 240).

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