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Cape Fusion

Cape Fusion


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Cape Fusion

South Africa s fusion father, Shane Sauvage, is back with an ocean-inspired, all-new take on South African regional ingredients and flavors. Owner of La Pentola restaurant, Shane Sauvage is the winner of the American Express Platinum Fine Dinning Award for the eleventh year running, only 1 of 89 restaurants country wide to carry this honor. Chef Shane is taking food creation and wine pairing to another level. With combinations to tempt the palate and fill your table with a feast of innovative and delicious cuisine made easy for the home cook, " Cape Fusion" is a sensory journey amplified by world-class, step-by-step food photography and scenic photography capturing the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.A unique feature of this recipe book is the interactive food and wine pairing chapter. Here with the use of videography and QR coding you can experience first-hand interaction between Chef Shane and multi award-winning wine maker Johann Fourie of KWV."

Author Shane Sauvage
ISBN 1431421766, 9781431421763
Format Paperback
Pages 210p.