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Clever Blacks, Jesus And Nkandla - The Real Jacob Zuma In His Own Words

Clever Blacks, Jesus And Nkandla - The Real Jacob Zuma In His Own Words

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President Jacob Zuma is a demagogue dressed up in democratic clothing. In his public speeches and statements, particularly those unscripted remarks made on the stump, his true self if often revealed. Populism and African tradition, religious belief and cultural practice are the authentic impulses that define his worldview. When his informal personal convictions occasionally slip into his formal political rhetoric the result is intense public outrage and debate; for these two worlds often serve as a useful metaphor for South Africa more broadly - a country where first world aspirations regularly clash with third world realities. Zuma is the catalyst that forces those worlds to react. As a result, on a range of different subjects, from the ANC ruling ‘until Jesus returns’, to blacks who have become ‘too clever’, Zuma’s remarks have proved to be the touchstone for much public discussion. Clever Blacks, Jesus and Nkandla documents Zuma’s more controversial statements. Collected along a series of 12 themes that define both his political career and personal beliefs, the book sets out some 150 of Zuma’s most notorious quotes. It aims to serve both as an easy guide to Zuma’s personal philosophy and reference point for some of the most notorious debates to have defined his political career and South Africa in turn.

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