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Colour Yourself Calm: A Mindfulness Colouring Book

Colour Yourself Calm: A Mindfulness Colouring Book

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Colour Yourself Calm: A Mindfulness Colouring Book

Historically, mandalas were created as sacred objects upon which to meditate. The symmetrical images are either painted or in some cases made from sand - the object being for the painter to reflect on and empty the mind. Psychologists have also noted that such paintings may be an attempt by the conscious self to release unconscious knowledge. By becoming absorbed in colouring in an object of beauty, the reader will embark on a practical exercise in mindfulness. Inspirational quotes accompanying the images will enhance the experience. This is an easy way to relax the mind, body and spirit, whilst subconsciously developing self-knowledge, expanding the imagination and creating a sense of well-being.

About the author
Tiddy Rowan practised meditation for the first time in 1971 and has been a student ever since. Her lifelong journey has taken her into all aspects of self-awareness, incorporating teachings from Lao Tzu to the Zen masters, as well as the most current aspects of cognitive therapy. Through a practice of simple techniques lasting just a few minutes a day she has found enduring peace and happiness whilst living a fast-paced urban life. Her previous books include Art At Home and The Little Book of Mindfulness. Tiddy lives in Exeter, Devon.

Author Tiddy Rowan (2014)
ISBN 1849495149, 9781849495141
Format Hardback
Pages 80p.

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