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Kwezi: Issues 4-6 - Collector's Edition

  • R 14500

Our superhero's journey continues as we see him reunited with his family back home in Langelihle, Eastern Cape. Soon after Kwezi arrives, following a confrontation with his parents and a fall out with Azania, he is made aware of a scared , mystical mission which he must undertake in order to ascend to his truer, higher self. Meanwhile in the Namib desert, en route to seek counsel about the unravelling prophecy, Mohau and Khoi encounter "The Three Pillars", inter dimensional guardians who will stop at nothing to protect the seer. Back in the Gold City, something sinister is quietly brewing through the vicious hands of Mr Mpisi. Will Kwezi find what he is looking for in his misson and will Mohau and Khoi find their way to the great seer?

Author Loyiso Mkhize
ISBN 9781485622970
Format Paperback
Pages 44p.

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