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Lyle the Crocodile

Lyle the Crocodile

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Lyle the Crocodile - English

When Lyle, the Crocodile had terribletoothache, his friends took him to Dr Molar,the dentist, but he couldn't help him. Neithercould Dr Canine. How did Lyle eventuallyget help for his toothache? A great book forencouraging children to look after their teethwith exuberant illustrations from awardwinningillustrator Joan Rankin.

About the author
Dianne Stewartis an award-winning authorwho has published many highly acclaimedchildren's books and others on Africanculture, both locally and internationally.She has degrees in African languages andliterature, and is well steeped in anthropology,all of which provide an excellent pool ofknowledge for her research into Africanfolklore and mythology.Joan Rankin has illustrated over thirty booksfor children. She received the South AfricanHAUM Daan Retief Prize for children's bookillustration in 1986 and the Katrine HarriesAward for Children's Book Illustration in1991. She has illustrated numerous books onthe McElderry list, includingA Frog in theBogby Karma Wilson andOff to First Gradeby Louise Borden. Joan won the MER Prizefor best illustrated children's book forJustSisi/Net Sisiwritten by Wendy Hartmann.

Author Dianne Stewart
ISBN 9781431424139
Format Paperback
Pages 34p.

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