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Cry Havoc, by Simon Mann

Cry Havoc, by Simon Mann

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On 7 March 2004, former SAS soldier and mercenary Simon Mann prepared to take off from Harare International Airport with a plane full of heavy weaponry and guns for hire. Their destination: Equatorial Guinea. Their intention: to remove one of the most brutal dictators in Africa in a privately organised coup d’etat. The plot had the tacit approval of Western intelligence agencies. It had the backing of a European government, and the endorsement of a former Prime Minister. Simon Mann had personally planned, overseen and won two wars in Angola and Sierra Leone. Everything should have gone right. Why, then, did it go so wrong?

When Simon Mann was released from five years’ incarceration in some of Africa’s toughest prisons, he made worldwide headlines. Since then, he has spoken to nobody about his experiences.

Now he is telling everything, including:

  • The full involvement of Mark Thatcher in the coup d’etat.
  • How a former Prime Minister personally endorsed the coup during face to face meetings with Simon Mann.
  • The financial involvement of two controversial and internationally famous members of the House of Lords in the plot, backed up by banking records.
  • How the British government approached Simon in the months preceding the Iraq war, to suggest ways in which a justified invasion of Iraq could be engineered.
  • Simon will also tell of his pain when he had to tell his wife Amanda, who gave birth to their fourth child while he was incarcerated, that he believed he would never be freed.

This is Simon Mann’s remarkable first-hand account of his life: an account that will read like a thriller as it takes us into the world of mercenaries and spooks; of murky international politics, big oil and big bucks; of action, danger, love, despair and betrayal.

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