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Disturbances in the Field

Disturbances in the Field

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Disturbances in the Field

Lynne Sharon Schwartz's critically beloved novel about family, tragedy, and philosophy

The field is all around us. It's our needs and our wants. This is what George tells Lydia. A disturbance, however, is something that keeps us from grasping and attaining the things we need. Usually, we can adapt to these disturbances and move forward. But, what happens if a disturbance becomes too great to move past? In this entrancing tale of loss and understanding, acclaimed author Lynne Sharon Schwartz plots the course of a woman's life, through the cycles of love, loss, and acceptance. Lydia's early life is marked by calm constants: a house in Cape Cod, a philosophy group in college. These remain her touchstones as she becomes a busy wife, mother, and music teacher. But when her family's world is suddenly shattered, she struggles to regain her equilibrium. Will she be able to find her way in such a radically altered field?.

Author Lynne Sharon Schwartz
ISBN 1453287558, 9781453287552
Format Paperback
Pages 371p.

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