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Dog Eat Dog <br> by Niq Mhlongo

Dog Eat Dog
by Niq Mhlongo

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Dingz is an average Wits student -- struggling with money, partying with his friends, picking up girls, skipping lectures, making up elaborate excuses for missing exams. A bright, articulate guy, Dingz and his circle of friends sit around drinking and discussing current affairs -- Aids, racism, South African politics and history -- in between being kidnapped by taxi-drivers, contracting gonorrhoea and trying to fake a death certificate. This is an authentic, witty slice-of-life set at the time of the first democratic elections, full of interesting perceptions and vivid descriptions, and well-drawn and believable characters. All in all, an exciting and lively read; the narrator has a humorous, wry voice, perceptive and cynical. A glimpse into the lives of the "kwaito generation", both in the township and on campus.

Author Niq Mhlongo
ISBN 0795703619, 9780795703614
Format Paperback
Pages 264p.

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