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Don't Joke!: The Year in Cartoons

Don't Joke!: The Year in Cartoons

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Don't Joke!: The Year in Cartoons

by Andy Mason (2010)

South Africa’s political cartooning maestros join forces with the new post-apartheid generation to tell the story of the most event-filled year since 1994. Don’t Joke! features the best political cartoons of the year, covering all the catastrophes, conundrums, foibles and fantasies of a tumultuous twelve months.

It’s all here – the astonishing ascent of Jacob Zuma, Mbeki’s vanishing act, the Zuma showerhead and the rape of Justice, Malema’s mouth, Zille’s Botox, the global meltdown, the Obama miracle, the Gaza bombings, the Somali pirates, swine flu, Mugabe’s madness, Madiba’s 90th, the Dalai Lama’s no-show, Eskom’s excuses, the SABC’s collapse, Joost’s embarrassment, Niehaus’ humiliation, the last twitch of the Scorpions, the 2010 build-up, the Cope let-down… and much, much more.

Hard-hitting and hilarious, Don’t Joke! brings it all back in a rush of satires, parodies, caricatures and flights of fancy that’ll rearrange your head.

Featuring nearly 400 cartoons by Zapiro, Madam & Eve, Fred Mouton, Brandan, Yalo, Jerm, Dr Jack, Mgobhozi and many more,Don’t Joke! is living proof that South African cartooning has come of age.

About the Editors
Cartoonists themselves, Andy Mason and John Curtis share a deep interest in the history and development of South African cartooning. This is their first collaboration.

Mason is head of the Comic Art Unit at the Centre for Comic, Illustrative and Book Arts (CCIBA) at Stellenbosch University. He also works freelance and produces several strips under the nom de plume N.D. Mazin.

Curtis is the curator of an online showcase of cartoons at and often provides cartoon ideas to other cartoonists, including Jerm, Dr Jack and Zapiro. He runs a Cape Town-based design agency.

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