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Durban Curry So Much Of Flavour

Durban Curry So Much Of Flavour

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Durban Curry So Much Of Flavour

Durban Curry
is a finalist in the 2015 World Gourmand Cookbook of the Year awards, in the last eight of the headline category: Best Book in the World. Chosen from entries from 205 countries. The grand winner to be announced in Yantai, China, in June 2015. Real-life back stories and vibrant documentary photographs set this bright and beautiful book apart from the crowd. It traces the origins, development and current place of a dish which sailed from Asia to South Africa 150 years ago, and has become a national culinary treasure, made, loved and celebrated by all communities, very different from the mother "kari" of India, reflecting the people, produce, and flavors of a new homeland. There is not only one Durban curry. There are hundreds of variations, and though red and hot are generally agreed attributes, there are more exceptions than rules in Durban curry-making. The authors have gone into the kitchens and cauldrons and pots of cooks both humble and gr‰ۡóÁÌ_́Ì__í«_ explored local markets and spice emporiums; coaxed family recipes and signature dishes from the best cooks on this stretch of the Indian Ocean coast; winkled out the history and secrets of Durban's most famous fast-food invention, the Bunny Chow; tracked down the best traditional and modern "sides." The book includes the easiest instructions for homemade spice, masala and chilli-powder mixes; the most piquant pickles and chutneys and achars; and the authors have nailed down legendary South African wine authority, John Platter, to suggest (some surprising) liquid accompaniments. This is a great reading as well as cooking book. A collection of people and recipes and pictures that make you smile - and want to head to the kitchen, or curl up on the couch. The dishes are simple to make, the ingredients easily found world-wide. South Africans "in exile", all who hanker after the flavours of home: this is your book. Adventurous, enquiring foodies from anywhere, keen to explore keen to explore different flavours from unexpected places: this is your book.

Authors Devi Sankaree Goverder, Erica Platter, Clinton Friedman
ISBN 0620609818, 9780620609814
Format Paperback
Pages 144p.

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