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Earthstepper/The Ocean is Vey Shallow<br> by Seitlhamo Motsapi

Earthstepper/The Ocean is Vey Shallow
by Seitlhamo Motsapi

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This is a redesigned second printing of Seitlhamo Motsapi's acclaimed Earthstepper/The Ocean is Very Shallow, first published in 1996. "A very far cry from official New South African pietistic discourse of reconciliation, this collection brilliantly fuses pan-Africanist militancy, romantic spirituality, and scathing attack on neo-colonialism in its global and local forms. The political urgency is never compromised by empty rhetorical posturing or aesthetic banality: this is a rich, experimental poetry, raining down fresh imagery, complex conceits, carefully patterned to produce a volume of striking originality and stylistic rigour." -- Laura Chrisman, New Coin

Title: earthstepper/the ocean is very shallow

Author: Seitlhamo Motsapi

Publisher: Deep South

Paperback, 85pages

ISBN: 9780958454223


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