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Everest Untold

Everest Untold

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Everest Untold
  • Patrick Conroy was only 23 in 1996 when Radio 702 chose him to travel to Mount Everest in Nepal to cover what was to become the greatest tragedy in climbing history.
  • Heart-chilling audio in once thought to be lost audio files which reveal some of the mysteries of the death of a South African.
  • Media coverage from both eNCA, where Patrick covers the Africa beat, as well as Talk 702.

Told with the immediacy of a diary, which is where the book began, Patrick takes us on a journey to the highest mountain in the world, where one of the greatest tragedies in climbing history was about to unfold. Filled with photographs and sketches from his notebooks we become part of the 702 team sent to cover the South African Everest Expedition of 1996. It would turn out to be the deadliest climbing seasons in the peak's history. Twenty years later the controversy around what truly happened on the mountain continues to rage.

Conroy kept a meticulous diary and recorded many hours of radio communications between the climbers. Now, two decades later, his memoirs reveal a remarkable and untold story of what happened on the mountain that fateful year.

Everest Untold includes hidden insights and never before revealed transcripts that shed new light on the 1996 disaster, including the mysterious disappearance of one of the South African team members in the death zone.

Conroy's hidden story reopens the debate on the risks of high-altitude mountaineering and what it meant to a young democratic South Africa unaware of the dangers that lay ahead.

About the author
Patrick Conroy is an accomplished and well-respected journalist. He earned his stripes working for Evening Standard in London, eNCA African and Talk Radio 702. It was during his rookie years at 702 that he got his big break when he was sent to report on the Mount Everest summit of 1996 that ended in disaster. Patrick Conroy has been in the news business since and is now a managing director at Platco Digital.

Author Patrick Conroy
ISBN 9781431424498
Format Paperback
Pages 190p.

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