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Evolution: The Story of Life <br> by Douglas Palmer

Evolution: The Story of Life
by Douglas Palmer

Bridge Books

  • R 45000

Second-hand, new condition, large format and full-colour, Maboneng

An astonishing new book is being created. Using all the available fossil record as evidence, it presents the entire four-billion-year story of life on Earth in one single super-panoramic tableau. Never before has our collective story been told so effectively, so compellingly, so coherently, and so beautifully.At the heart of the book is an astonishing 50m-long artwork displayed across 200 pages, supported by hundreds of photographs and illustrations, that tells the story of life on Earth. The groundbreaking visual content is complemented by an authoritative text commentary, making Evolution a unique work of family reference, complete with an A-Z of hundreds of species that are shown in the artwork, background information on the theory of evolution, illustrated family trees for the major anaimal groups, stunning photography of life's modern diversity, and details of where all the crucial fossil evidence can be seen today.

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