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amous daughter of famous parents, Laura Weber, star of countless light comedies, is facing the most difficult role of her acting career: Hedda Gabler. There is no reason why Laura should not triumph. After all, she has survived greater challenges: the untimely death of her brillliant artist mother, Judith, and the world-embracing compassion of her father Leo, which left so little space for her.

But from the past comes a stranger who challenges both her father's legendary reputation in international aid and the official version of her mother's death. Everything Laura has ever believed is suddenly in doubt. Could she, and the world, have been wrong about Leo? And if her beloved father is suspect, how much more so is her stepmother Margot, custodian of the family secrets?

Locked in a battle for the truth, Laura is faced with the hardest task of all: she must strip away the star - lift the facade - and look within herself.

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