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Folk-Tales From Mpondoland: Iintsomi Zasemampondweni<br>J.V. Cantrell

Folk-Tales From Mpondoland: Iintsomi Zasemampondweni
J.V. Cantrell

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This anthology comprises twenty selected folk-tales, recorded on magnetic tape in Mpondoland amid the unspoiled surroundings of the mountains, bush and rivers which form the background to these stories. The original Mpondo texts are printed with a parallel English translation, every care was taken to ensure that, as far as possible, the atmosphere and phrasing of the original were preserved. The English forms are sometimes unusual, but nevertheless graphic. The need to preserve as much as possible of the oral tradition which these folk-tales represent is urgent since the transition from the traditional to the western way of life is causing elements of traditional African culture to disappear, including folk-tales.The telling of such stories is an art form that is dying out and is being replaced by more sophisticated forms of entertainment.̴Ì_

Title: Folk-Tales From Mpondoland -- Iintsomi Zasemampondweni

Author:̴Ì_J.V. Cantrell

Illustrator: Gert le Grange

Publisher: UNISA 1978

ISBN: 0 86981 0936

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