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Forget The Business Plan Use This Short Model: EBC Business Model

Forget The Business Plan Use This Short Model: EBC Business Model

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Like most people, I started my entrepreneurship journey being a business plan disciple and also used it as a tool to learn business – because the world’s conventions recommended only it.

Halfway through I realized a business plan doesn’t teach and it isn’t a swift planning tool. It is tedious to manage, does not help diagnose weak areas and is not agile to ever changing environments and circumstances.

I then built a model which readily reminded me of essential business components to concentrate on; it is diagnostic, responsive and agile.

After reading this book, by referring to single page canvas of this model, you will be able to swiftly start, plan or brainstorm your entrepreneurship project.

This book is about an entrepreneurship management tool or business model called EBC Business Model Canvas. EBC stands for Essential Business Components.

Download the one page canvas for free here

This book is makes entrepreneurship uncomplicated, efficient to understand and manage.

The book thoroughly explains 6 interdependent essential business components of this model: 4 core technical components and 2 that deal with the entrepreneur’s attitude, health, decision making swiftness and persistence.

It’s makes things easier for entrepreneurs by keeping the main things main.

EBC Business Model is useable in all industries, on service or tangible products.

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