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From Robben Island To Bishop's Court

From Robben Island To Bishop's Court

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From Robben Island To Bishop's Court

This is the story of Archbishop Ndungane, the man who succeeded Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu to Bishop's Court, but he had preceded Nelson Mandela to Robben Island and there helped build the cell that would later house Madiba.

In these times when role models are scarce and leaders are often found lacking in principles, wanting in morals and exhibiting greed and self aggrandizement rather than acceptable or even rudimentary standards, Ndungane's humility and mission of compassion and service is in itself cause for joyous celebration, his humble beginnings, unwavering faith, even when sorely tested, his uncommon passion for all life, a beacon to many, especially those who find themselves on the receiving end of racism, bigotry, and discrimination.

His ministry will be remembered for his championing of the poorest of the poor, the ostracized and the despised, the neglected, dispirited and out and out rejected.

Author Sindiwe Magona
ISBN 0864867387, 9780864867384
Format Paperback
Pages 300p.

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