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Furry Logic Wild Wisdom

Furry Logic Wild Wisdom

  • R 8000

Watercolorist Jane Seabrooks latest Furry Logic book presents a new menagerie of 30 exquisitely detailed full-color paintings of adorable animals, each paired with humorous sayings guaranteed to coax a smile from even the grumpiest cynic. Ten Speed Press

A wise frog once said, ?If the meaning of life doesn?t soon become clear, I may have to request an extension.? Thankfully, Jane Seabrook and a fresh flock of animal friends are here to the rescue, ready to help those less furtunate in times of need. When it feels like all hope is lost, a playful possum may help you hang in there with, ?I?m still here?at the end of my tether.? Or, when you?re just about to give up on a certain someone, a pair of penguins offer a comforting reminder: ?If men weren?t so simple, women wouldn?t have to be so complicated.? As always, Seabrook delivers her trademark brand of sharp but heartening humor from the top of her tiny sable brush, in all shades of witty and wise.

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