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Garden Aloes

Garden Aloes

  • R 14000

Garden Aloes: Growing and Breeding Cultivars and Hybrids

Authored by two leading international experts on aloes and their kin, "Garden Aloes" is the first to deal with a range of the most desirable aloe cultivars and hybrids, all of which are exceptionally suitable for planting in gardens. The book is comprehensively illustrated with full-color photographs that show the growth forms and a range of the characters that make these plants some of the most desirable to grow in any garden. Identification of the cultivars is made easy through descriptions and a range of images of the plants, their inflorescences and flowers. Informative descriptions and flowering periods are provided for more than 60 widely grown and exceptional cultivars and hybrids currently available. The species are arranged in 20 groups according to size and flower color, making it easy to select what is suitable for your garden. "Garden Aloes" is a must for anyone interested in gardening, landscaping, natural history, aloes, succulents, and more.

Authors Gideon F. Smith, Estrela Figueiredo
ISBN 1431421073, 9781431421077
Format Paperback
Pages 208p.

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