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Ghosts of South Africa, by Pat Hopkins

Ghosts of South Africa, by Pat Hopkins

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Whether you believe in ghosts or not is immaterial - everyone enjoys a good ghost story. This title explores the ghosts that are a part of our nation's history - from The Flying Dutchman and Lady Anne Barnard to the Uniondale Hitchhiker and poison-murderer Daisy de Melker.

Some are benevolent, others vengeful; some are self-obsessed, others extrovert; some rattle chains, others move objects; some are confused, not realising they are dead, others have a purpose; some appear as humans, others as a footstep or a breath of cold air; some we recognise, others are forgotten; and some are friendly, while others scare the bejesus out of us. They can be found at sea, on old battlefields, sitting with you in a restaurant, or in your mind. They are everywhere. Sometimes funny, always highly entertaining, and very often hair-raisingly scary, Ghosts of South Africa will hold the reader enthralled.

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