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Gold in Graphite: Jozi Sketchbook<br>by Somayya A. E. and Zafrica Cabral

Gold in Graphite: Jozi Sketchbook
by Somayya A. E. and Zafrica Cabral

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The glittering gem that is the City of Gold is brilliantly captured in artists' graphite. The greyscale carbon does not mute the dazzling sparkle of the city founded on gold but, rather, sets it ablaze in a myriad of stark contrasts; black and white, masculine and feminine, positive and negative. It speaks to the observer and reader in a delightful style that is, at once, light-hearted, informative and compelling.

Gold in Graphite Jozi Sketchbook is a beautiful collection of sketches of some of Johannesburg's celebrated as well as forgotten masterpieces. Done by a single artist, it is accompanied by well-crafted prose and poetry.

The artist beckons the reader to emerge from the ideologies that prevent us from engaging with the city, her people and her buildings. Each sketch takes us on a journey through time and transformation, where we discover our city and fall in love with her. Through this voyage we exult in an affair that is oblivious to the perceived crime and violence that deter ordinary people from developing a relationship with the city. While our rainbow nation rejoices in the common ground that binds us, our most celebrated city reflects division and class. Breaking through these barriers starts with an exploration of the city and an appreciation of her past with an optimistic look to her future.

Title: Gold in Graphite: Jozi Sketchbook

Author: Somayya A. E. and Zafrica Cabral

Publisher: Kufica Publishing

Art book

ISBN: 9780620452663

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