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A Guide To Architecture Of Durban And Pietermaritzburg

A Guide To Architecture Of Durban And Pietermaritzburg

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A Guide To Architecture Of Durban And Pietermaritzburg

This handsome pocket guide to the major buildings of Durban and Pietermaritzburg is the first of its kind available. Covering about 250 buildings of all styles and kinds - from the grand Edwardian city halls and stylish Art Deco apartment buildings to the gleaming office blocks of the 1990s and the community centres in the townships - the book offers an introduction to the architecture of the two major cities of KwaZulu-Natal. There are colour photos throughout as well as some original plans and drawings. Short descriptions of the major buildings provide useful background information while a series of colour maps pinpoint the location of the buildings described. Indeed, the book is expressly designed for use in plotting one's own guided tour through the cities and identifying buildings along the way. For both the cultural tourist and the local enthusiast, this book will soon reveal the architectural riches that are on offer in Durban and Pietermaritzburg. - This book is the first of its kind and fills an obvious gap in the market. - The author is well known among architects and academics. - Handsomely designed book with colour throughout.Addresses the needs of the cultural tourism industry. - Tourists and visitors (at the upper end of the market); locals interested in their city; architects, students and academics; all those interested in buildings and heritage

Author Dennis Radford (2002)
ISBN 0864865155, 9780864865151
Format Paperback
Pages 251 pages

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