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Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince (English)

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Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince

From his high pedestal, the Happy Prince, a magnificent golden statue, can see all the misery of the city below him. He begs a little Swallow to pluck off his treasure and share it amongst the poor. When the Happy Prince asks his new friend to stay and help him, the Swallow receives a lesson in kindness and caring.

Oscar Wilde's timeless, compassionate tale of the friendship between the Happy Prince and the Swallow is brought to life by Joan Rankin's sensitive, magical artwork. Beloved since it was first published in 1888, this enchanting story will be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Author Carole Bloch and Margaret Sixel.
Illustrated by Joan Rankin
ISBN 9781431404353
Format Paperback
Pages 48p.

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