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Hiroshima. Has library markings.

When the first atom bomb was dropped on 6 august 1945, it devastated a great city and knocked Japan out of war.

John Hersey, the distinguished American writer, was sent nine months later to Hiroshima to find out, in human and not scientific terms, what had happened. Little over a year after the event his account appeared in the New Yorker(occupying a complete issue) and as a Penguin.

Hersey unforgettable narrative, which is built round the experiences of six survivors in a city where some 100,000 men, women and children were killed, is now re-issued as a Penguin Modern Classic. It supplies an epitaph to those who died in one of history's most catastrophic events and grave warning to the present and future.

Author John Hersey
ISBN 9780140006032.
Format Paperback
Pages 120p