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Homeward Bound, by Lawrence Bransby

Homeward Bound, by Lawrence Bransby

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Solomon Mqadi is the first Black student to enter a school that has been all White for over a hundred years. Apartheid in South Africa is reaching its end and, with it, segregated education.How will the all-White student body react? Sol's blackness is a daily reminder of the destruction of White domination and superiority.Lawrence Bransby adopts the persona of Jason, one of Solomon's fellow Matric pupils who, together, react to the arrival of this Black interloper into their all-White world.'The writing is powerful. You will either love it or hate it but you MUST read it.'- D.Bendzulla '....the closest a local writer has come to a CATCHER IN THE RYE - type book.'- B.Hough, INSIG 'I applaud this book's direct honesty.'- Jay Heale, BOOKCHAT 'All teachers, not just language teachers, ought to read this book.'- M. Le Roux, DIE BURGER 'Perhaps the strength of this book is its aching ability to hit the funny-bone, but at the same time twist the knife into the guts of Apartheid, causing the reader to bleed along.'- M.McGhee, THE CITIZEN "A challenging, uplifting, affirmative book written by an author who knows young people and their aching vulnerabilities well. If you know a South African teenager, slip him or her his marvellous book." - LIVING AND LOVING

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