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Hoera!Thoko! Afrikaans

Hoera!Thoko! Afrikaans

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Are you ready? Because here comes Thoko!̴Ì_

Thoko is resourceful, Thoko is kindhearted, Thoko is full of fun and ready to meet you.̴Ì_

Hooray! Thoko̴Ì_by award-winning author, Niki Daly, is the first in the Thoko series. It has four wonderful stories that all follow a girl named Thoko who is figuring out life. The beautiful text and illustrations make it impossible not to love Thoko and learn a few important life lessons on the way.̴Ì_

‰ۡÌÝ?Then she kissed Thoko on the forehead and whispered, ‰ۡÌÝÌáAnd that‰ۡó»s for being such a kind, thoughtful girl.‰ۡó» Thoko touched her forehead and thought a little more as she drifted off to sleep: gold stars get curly corners and fall off, but kisses last forever!‰ۡó??Ì_

Niki Daly makes reading about life as a child entertaining and realistic with his delightful new local heroine, Thoko. Thoko skips through life, leaving behind a trail of laughter and a few frowns. She will become your new favourite friend.̴Ì_

Hooray! Thoko̴Ì_has four stories:̴Ì_

1. A gold star and a kiss for Thoko
2. Thoko‰ۡó»s hat
3. Thoko‰ۡó»s reward
4. Thoko and a dog called Hope

Also available in:̴Ì_
IsiXhosa:̴Ì_Halala! Thoko
IsiZulu:̴Ì_Halala! Thoko


Niki Daly̴Ì_has won many awards for his work. His groundbreaking̴Ì_Not so Fast Songololo, winner of a US Parents‰ۡó» Choice Award, paved the way for post-apartheid South African children‰ۡó»s books. Since then he has published widely and has given talks in several countries. Among his many books,̴Ì_Once Upon a Time̴Ì_was an Honor Winner at the US Children‰ۡó»s Africana Book Awards, and̴Ì_Jamela‰ۡó»s Dress̴Ì_was chosen by the ALA as a Notable Children‰ۡó»s Book and by Booklist as one of the Top Ten African American Picture Books of 2000. In 2009 Niki was awarded the Molteno Gold Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature. Other books include̴Ì_Nicholas and the Wild Ones,̴Ì_Thank you, Jackson,̴Ì_The Herd Boy,̴Ì_Pretty Salma,̴Ì_No More Kisses for Bernard̴Ì_and̴Ì_Ruby Sings the Blues. Niki is married and lives in Kleinmond, South Africa.

ISBN̴Ì_English 978-1-4314-2525-9

RIGHTS̴Ì_African Rights
RELEASE̴Ì_August 2017

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