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Hooray Thoko! isiXhosa

Hooray Thoko! isiXhosa

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Are you ready? Because here comes Thoko!

Thoko is resourceful, Thoko is kindhearted, Thoko is full of fun and ready to meet you.

Hooray! Thoko, by award-winning author, Niki Daly, is the first in the Thoko series. It has four wonderful stories that all follow a girl named Thoko who is figuring out life. The beautiful text and illustrations make it impossible not to love Thoko and learn a few important life lessons on the way.

"Then she kissed Thoko on the forehead and whispered, 'And that's for being such a kind, thoughtful girl." Thoko touched her forehead and thought a little more as she drifted off to sleep: gold stars get curly corners and fall off, but kisses last forever!

Niki Daly makes reading about life as a child entertaining and realistic with his delightful new local heroine, Thoko. Thoko skips through life, leaving behind a trail of laughter and a few frowns. She will become your new favourite friend.