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How to Fix South Africa

How to Fix South Africa


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How to Fix South Africa

What will it take to fix South Africa? This is the probing question concerned South Africans everywhere ask. While most South Africans have varying opinions about what the country needs, many will agree that unemployment, especially that of the youth, is chronic, and one of our most critical issues. Many also agree that jobs are not expected to be forthcoming from traditional sources of employment and that a more innovative approach has to be adopted.

The Sunday Times, in its bid to highlight this issue and seek positive solutions, posed this question to a number of leading thinkers and opinion-makers in the country. Their responses appeared as part of the. "Each One Hire One". series of articles published in The Sunday Times early in 2012. These well considered, thought-provoking articles were contributed by, amongst others, key figures in politics, mining, banking and social development and have now been published in this volume.

Author Ray Hartley
ISBN 9780620549882
Format Paperback
Pages 156p.

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