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I Have Life: Alison's Journey <br> by Marianne Thamm

I Have Life: Alison's Journey
by Marianne Thamm

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Like an apparition, conjured out of the darkness, a young man with light blond hair pushed his faceinto the car. I immediately spotted the knife. It was a long, thin weapon, almost like a letter opener,with a tapering blade. It felt cold and spiny as he pressed it to my neck. When he spoke his voice,which was quiet and controlled, sounded as though it emanated from a distant planet. But everyword thudded into my skull.
"Move over or I'll kill you," he whispered.
And so began Alison's nightmare journey with the two callous killers who were to rape her, stab her so many times doctors could not count the wounds, slit her throat and leave her for dead in a filthy clearing miles from the city of Port Elizabeth which was her home.
But Alison defied death. And more than that, she denied her attackers the satisfaction of destroying her life.I Have Lifeis the triumphant story of a woman who refused to become a victim. The courage which allowed her to move beyond severe physical and emotional trauma and to turn a devastating experience into something life-affirming and strong, is an inspiration to people everywhere.
Author Marianne Thamm
ISBN 9781776091164
Format Paperback
Pages 291p.