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I'm Still a Kaffir

I'm Still a Kaffir

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I’m Still a Kaffir is exactly what you think it is – a 911 reflection of the Author's life as a Blackman in the yoke of present day imperialism. This, besides being a letter, according to the author; is a call to the indoctrinated black nation that is plagued in an era of psychological remote control. The author shares this letter as a panic button in response to the psychologically disguised imperialism in the form of debt, mind control, divide and rule, information control, trends, Social Media, biological weapons, Music, war on drugs, police brutality, blacklist, black inferiority complex, prison industrial complex, Video games, internet and mis-education. This book is therefore, an organic reflection of the newest forms of imperialism against black people who are undergoing a racial depression through Starvation, economic enslavement, social degradation and self-hate. Amongst all, it has accounts of the Author's lived experiences and his background as a young Blackman in the South African society today.

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