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Indigenous Mining and Metallurgy

Indigenous Mining and Metallurgy

  • R 19000

The study of mining and metallurgy is essential to gain an understanding of Africa's rich history. Explore the secrets of Africa's forgotten technological past. From prospecting and mining to smelting and forging, discover the fascinating technologies used across the African continent over the last two and a half thousand years. Through visits to ancient mines and archaeological sites this book recaptures the ancient knowledge and technology used in indigenous mining and metallurgy. Experience the birth of African mining and the rise and fall of great African empires and societies, while uncovering the exciting discoveries of iron, copper and later tin, bronze and gold work across Africa. Trace the wealth and knowledge exchanged through trade, while investigating the the fascinating rituals, magic and taboos that played an important part in indigenous mining. And finally, learn how this rich history can be used today to generate income through tourism for local communities.

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