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Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor

Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor

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Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor

Being rich is not normal: most people never achieve wealth in their lifetime. The very word 'rich' describes a state beyond the median, and therein lies an important lesson.
To become rich, your thinking has to be radically different from that of the people around you. Do you know what those specific differences may be?
Business and wealth guru Douglas Kruger strips away the feel-good hype and gets rightdown to the practical principles. He leads you through the types of thinking that hold individuals,families and businesses in generational cycles of poverty. He explores the dramatically differentapproaches of the self-made rich and super-rich, showing you which behaviours to begin practisingand which behaviours are traitorous to your wealth potential.
Escape poverty. Raise your value. Change the trajectory of your story.
It all begins with the way you think.

Author Douglas Kruger
ISBN 9781776091133
Format Paperback
Pages 200p.