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A Jacana Pocket Guide:  San Rock Art

A Jacana Pocket Guide: San Rock Art

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A Jacana Pocket Guide: San Rock Art

San rock paintings are scattered over the entire area of southern Africa and present us with one of the greatest cultural treasures of humankind. It is estimated that some 15,000 rock art sites are known and possibly as many await discovery. But how are we to make sense of their images often baffling in their complexity and strangeness? Taking as his starting point the magnificent Linton panel in the Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town, David Lewis-Williams shows how it can shed light on San Rock Art in general and lead us to the heart of the San thought-world.

About the Author
David Lewis-Williamsis a Professor Emeritus and former Director of the Rock Art Research Institute at the University of the Witwatersrand. His recent books include the award-winning The Mind in the Cave (Thames & Hudson, 2002) and Inside the Neolithic Mind, co-authored with David Pearce (Thames & Hudson, 2005).

Author J.D. Lewis-Williams
ISBN 9781431401000
Format Paperback
Pages 157p.

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