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Jane's Delicious herbs <br> by Jane Griffiths

Jane's Delicious herbs
by Jane Griffiths

  • R 29500

Herbs are rewarding and versatile plants. They are easy to grow and add colour, texture and fragrance to our gardens.

Jane’s Delicious Herbs is a hands-on guide for growing and using these productive plants. With a detailed and richly illustrated A-Z reference of nearly 80 herbs, the book covers how to grow them, their medicinal and culinary uses, as well as their many healing properties.

In her book, Jane shows you exactly how to design and maintain your own herb garden. She provides sound advice on how to propagate, harvest and preserve herbs, and useful tips on how to grow them in containers.

Also included is a handy, quick guide to healing herbs, with over 100 useful recipes for well-being, healing and happiness.