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Jump on the Bant Wagon - Nick Charlie Key

Jump on the Bant Wagon - Nick Charlie Key

  • R 18000

Get ready to Jump on the Bant Wagon with blogger Nick Charlie Key’s new book, which is set to become a part of the low-carb food revolution. When Nick was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome in 2014 he had to take action. After he jumped on the Bant(ing) wagon, he trimmed down by 22 kilograms, feels healthier than ever and says he sleeps like a baby. Now he shows you how with 90 recipes that will have you drooling while keeping you – or getting you – in shape. Each one is low in carbohydrates, gluten free and offers alternatives for sugar. They cover the spectrum of all the meals you need in an average week, from soups, curry, pork pies and lasagne to warm you in winter to salads, quiches and – yes – ice cream for summer days. You’ll find pizzas and hamburgers for chilled weekends, and for your sweet tooth there’s cheesecake, fudge malva pudding, pancakes and chocolate mousse. So Jump on the Bant Wagon with Nick make healthy meals quickly – and within budget.

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