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Keys of Yama

Keys of Yama


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Keys of Yama

Joshua Theron is a young engineer from Cape Town, who climbs the highest mountains to escape his troubled past. During a winter attempt on K2, a haloed sun triggers a regression that transports him back to the time of the Buddha, the day the keys to conquer death were given to the King of Shambhala. During the descent, Joshua is trapped in an avalanche, and rescued by a group of passing porters, who take him to a cave where these same Keys of Yama have been guarded by a group of monks for almost three millennia. Their master informs him that he is destined to bring this message of the Buddha to the people of Aquarius.

A vicious attack on the cave by Jihadis force Joshua and Electa, the young female protege of the monks' master, to escape with the scroll containing the Keys and propels them on a tumultuous journey back to civilization.

Author TLB Kruger
ISBN 9780620651233
Format Paperback
Pages 360p.

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