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Lady Africa in America by Cosbie Mbele

Lady Africa in America by Cosbie Mbele

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"Some people scream or bang tables when they express feelings of anger. Some people cry when they're extremely happy and show us tears of joy. I express my feelings with laughter, tears, anger and silence.

I owe a lot to my students who asked me to write about my experiences while I was growing growing up in South Africa. In America, I sang and talked about my motherland so much that my students crowned me 'Lady Africa'. I've spoken in different universities, cultural events, Black history month events, United Nations and in public libraries about African issues. I think it is high time for me to share my experiences with the world through my autobiography. To all my friends, teachers, students, fans and relatives, I would also like to thank you for teaching me about the reality of life. I would also like to thank my mother Mrs. Royal Mbele, for teaching me that I can achieve anything in life if I have the determination. My father, who passed away in 1988 taught me to believe in God and I thank him for that"-- Cosbie Mbele̴Ì_

Title: Lady Africa in America

Author: Cosbie Mbele

Publisher: Vilvia Publishers & Booksellers

Paperback, 119 pages

ISBN: 9781868670260

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