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Land of the Sky<br> by Salimah Valiani

Land of the Sky
by Salimah Valiani


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Land of the Sky

Poetry. Inspired by the Rocky Mountains, LAND OF THE SKY is a means of using detail from a distance to reflect on the socio-political and the human that is all around us. The poems in this collection explore the land through the distance of the sky and understand that which seems so grounded as a sky full of metaphor and near- unfathomable reflexes of history. The volume covers themes that come together in a kind of harmony, in particular, the notion of otherness from a variety of perspectives--being other at home, being other in your chosen new home, being at home and considering others as other. Poems reflect on a breadth of viewpoints that treat both the political and the humane, and the poet's view is a compassionate one, always finding for the individual who may be lost in the larger picture.

Author Salimah Valiani
ISBN 1771332530, 9781771332538
Format Paperback
Pages 112p.

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