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Learn IsiZulu: Street food edition

Learn IsiZulu: Street food edition

  • R 50000

Saturday, 29 May, 11am-1pm
Want to learn some Zulu but too busy for a class?

Try our new series of drop-in language classes. We're calling it a Zulu class, but we'll include the tsotsi taal slang that helps you understand actual people, in daily life.
10am-1pm, at the Rand Club store.

Each session is a stand-alone module about one, practical part of life. If you feel like you need to review the material, you can take it again. Or take a module on another topic, and ask whatever questions that are on your mind.

We're offering five modules:
Street food: shopping in the market
Getting around: Joburg by taxi or bus
Traditional culture in the city: the muti market
Music: new and traditional
Celebrations: Weddings and birthdays

None of these classes are heavy on spelling or grammar, though we do talk about that too. What we want is for you to leave and be able to talk, at least a little bit.

For the street food sessions, we'll meet at Bridge Books at the Rand Club building and cover the basics.

Then we'll head into the Joubert Street market to order and sample some food.

Don't worry, you don't have to eat anything you don't want to. And we only take you places where we eat ourselves.
Members of our premium book club get 20% off all of our activities.

The class is taught by Thabiso Mtimkulu, one of our booksellers who you may have seen in the store.

Here's what he wants you to know about him:
A son of isiZulu speaking man and a Setsawana/NdebeleĀ  speaking woman. Growing up in Orlando west Soweto I learnt to speak and be fluent in different languages, like most residents in Soweto tsotsi taal or township lingo which is a mixture of different languages is the language most people are comfortable with.

isiZulu is the most spoken official language in Gauteng specifically Johannesburg.

As a social activist and music artist, I use a lot of Zulu wordplay exploring the beauty of Zulu literature. Though I haven't read a lot of isiZulu books (they're hard to find), my favourite is Uphoko by R.S .Khumalo a book about the history of surnames and clan names.

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