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Letter Out: Letter In<br> by Salimah Valiani

Letter Out: Letter In
by Salimah Valiani

  • R 12500

Letter Out : Letter Inis a poetic synthesis of social commentary, political-economic analysis and philosophical meditation. Re-interpreting meanings and frames of reference by taking distance, the poems delve into the complexities of divisions, and explore the Sufi notion of love. The first section, Letter to South Africa, offers a uniquely Canadian perspective on post-Apartheid South Africa. Letter to Canada is a re-examination of Canada following from experiences of South Africa. Letter to All moves beyond borders, to larger frames of reference. The final section, Letter Out : Letter In, attempts to relocate the individual within the big picture.

Author Salilmah Valiani
ISBN 9781926708010
Format Paperback
Pages 170p.

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