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Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

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Light and Shadow: The Art of Landscape Photography

first picking up a camera, one simply assumes it is for photographing
things.However, in the purest sense, light is the substance captured by a camera. In this gorgeous gallery of her images, landscape photographer Fran Halsall explores and explains the elements that make up a great picture. This is a book not so much about technicalities as it is about ways of seeing, making it an invaluable guide for anyone who wishes to take landscape photographs or who is interested in the mysterious distinction between a decent image and an amazing one. Halsall's clearly articulated commentaries on her own color photographs included here (75 in all) are divided into three sections -- "Light," "Form," and "Time." This beautiful blend of image and instruction reveals the critical components that Halsall employs in shooting a successful picture: sensitivity to nature, attention to detail, boundless patience, and thoughtful analysis.

Author Fran Halsall
ISBN 9780711230163
Format Paperback
Pages 144p.

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