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Lost Where We Belong <br> by C.L. Bell

Lost Where We Belong
by C.L. Bell

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South Africa is a country of dramatic beauty riven by political turmoil and racial division. When freelance journalist C.L.Bell (Time, The Independent, The Herald) sets out to report on how the rural South Africa of Nelson Mandela’s youth has changed under democracy, she realises something is holding her back. Mixing memoir with first-hand reportage, Lost Where We Belong: Trying to escape apartheid's shadows follows Bell over five years as she confronts the dark legacy cast by a childhood lived under apartheid. But this is more than a book about South Africa; this is a stunning and heart-felt narrative about belonging, racism, liberal guilt and the introspective struggle for self-identity – issues that exist in many places all over the world today.

Cover Art: Zia Peter

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