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Mbeki and After

Mbeki and After

Wits University Press

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Mbeki and After

For nearly ten years - indeed more if we include his period of influence under Mandela's presidency - Thabo Mbeki bestrode South Africa's political stage. There can be little doubt that he was a seminal figure in South Africa's new democracy, one who left a huge mark in many fields, perhaps most controversially in state and party management, economic policy, public health intervention, foreign affairs and race relations.

If we wish to understand the character and fate of post-1994 South Africa, we must therefore ask: What kind of political system, economy and society has the former President bequeathed to the government of Jacob Zuma and to the citizens of South Africa generally? This question is addressed head-on hereby a diverse range of analysts, commentators and participants in the political process.

Amongst the specific questions they seek to answer: What were the consequences of Mbeki's preoccupation with race for governance and nation-building? How, if at all, did his presidency shape the evolution of constitutional democracy and state-civil society relations? How did he reposition South Africa on the continent and in the world?

This book will be of interest to anyone wishing to understand the current political landscape in South Africa, and Mbeki's role in shaping it.

Author Daryl Glaser
ISBN 9781868145027
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