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Now available in a flexi edition, this sumptuously illustrated and riveting volume on Michelangelo and his work is an accessbile portrait of the great artist. Painter, sculptor, and architect, Michelangelo was also a husband, father, writer, and businessman. His thoughts on art, daily life, hard work and fame speak as clearly to us now as they did centuries ago. Brimming with beautiful illustrations of Michelangelo's many masterpieces, this overview of the artist's life helps us understand his inspirations, frustrations, joys, and sorrows as he undertook the commissions that made him immortal: David, Pieta, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the Medici Chapel, and the tomb of Julius II. Quotations from the artist, incisive essays, reproductions of the entire Sistine Chapel, and an informative timeline contribute to make this book a rewarding read and a satisfying visual experience.

Author Georgia Illetschko(2010)
ISBN 3791344722, 9783791344720
Format Paperback
Pages 159 pages

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