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MisChief by A.A.K. Masson

MisChief by A.A.K. Masson

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January 2019: Jacob Zuma leaves the country with two of his wives and enough money to maintain a suitably lavish lifestyle. The ANC, in desperate need of cash, turns to billionaire businessman Morgan Mwane to lead them to victory in the Elections. To aid the campaign, Mwane forces his son Mandla out of an exotic Parisian lifestyle and into a high-profile South African wedding. When Mwane senior, his wife and the campaign team disappear in a mysterious plane crash, a wave of sympathy propels a horrified Mandla into the Presidency.

MisChief follows Mandla's attempt to escape. To do this he must find Boris, his father's accountant, who has absconded with billions of rands which are rightly his. In Mandla's way are, among others, his new wife, Caesar, a psychopathic, hyena-loving former henchmen of his farther's and President Alvin Mugabe, Bob's successor and as ruthless a despot as his Namesake.

Title: MisChief, An African fairytale

Author: A.A.K. Masson

Publisher: Porcupine Press

Pages, 223

ISBN 9781928276678


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