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The Missing Ball

The Missing Ball


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The Missing Ball

Gaps and his cousin Sugarbean want to play a game of soccer before sundown. Help them find their missing ball, hidden somewhere in this wonderful African setting.

The rhythmic text of the Cool Nguni series helps build children's reading skills while they are absorbed in the inventive illustrations and the lives of the imaginative characters.

This is the fourth story about the Cool Nguni calf named Gaps from the award-winning Bester sisters. Gaps's real name is 'Gaps Between the Branches'. This is because it looks like he is sitting in the shade of a tree, and the sun is making shadows on his hide. Sugarbean's name is 'Sugarbean' because her hide looks like speckled sugarbeans.

Author Maryanne Bester Illustrated by Shayle Bester
ISBN 9781770097049
Format Paperback
Pages 32p.