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Mozambique - edition 4

Mozambique - edition 4

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Mozambique - edition 4

This newly updated edition of
Mozambiquewill whet the appetites of travelers of all budgets and bring them up to date with the rapid changes that are sweeping the country, increasing its status as a new African tourist destination. Highlights of Mozambique featured in the guide include the new luxury lodges in the Qurimbas archipelago, the coral island of Ilha do MoÌÎ__ambique--a Cultural Heritage Site with a formidable fortress--the bustling Portuguese colonial cities of Maputo and Beira, and the exceptionally beautiful south coast.

Features include:

*Watersports, first-class diving, pristine beaches and resorts
*New information on the luxury island lodges of the north
*Sections on health and safety, planning and preparation, plus Mozambican Portuguese
*Getting around by public transportation

Authors Philip Briggs, Danny Edmunds
ISBN 1841621773, 9781841621777
Format Paperback
Pages 264p.

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