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Mr Humperdinck's Mysterious Manuscript <br> by Wynand Louw

Mr Humperdinck's Mysterious Manuscript
by Wynand Louw

  • R 19500

The exciting sequel to Mr Humperdinck's Wonderful Whatsit. Pete once again finds himself standing between Queen Cassandra's kingdom and the sorcerer Greenback's forces of evil. A mysterious manuscript has been stolen from Mr Humperdinck's documents and Pete has to find it before it can be used to destroy the fairy world. But what will happen if Pete is tempted to sell out his friends?
A wild fantasy adventure by an author that has been described as South African's own J.K. Rowling.

About the author
Wynand Louw is a very busy nose, ear and throat specialist and practises in Cape Town. He also lectures at the Tygerberg Hospital Training Unit. Wynand lives in Tableview.

Author Wynand Louw
ISBN 9780798174480
Format Paperback
Pages 325p.

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