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My Father, My Monster <br> by McIntosh Polela

My Father, My Monster
by McIntosh Polela

  • R 22500

Former TV journalist and later police spokesman McIntosh Polela has been on the television screens for many years.Bright, articulate and charismatic, his career looks dazzling. But behind McIntosh's smile, a troubled past haunts him. Both his parents disappeared when he was just a little boy, leaving him and his sister Zinhle to suffer years of brutal abuse. What would have happened to McIntosh, if a compassionate nun hadn't taken him under her wing?

Eventually, the truth of his parents' disappearance is revealed. His own father is the reason for all his troubles. McIntosh is thrown completely off course. He keeps a brightly polished gun, for the day he meets his father. Not even his intense scholarship doing a Masters Degree at the London School of Economics later in his life, can fill his emptiness.

My Father, My Monsteris the story of his journey to uncover the truth. McIntosh has to confront his father about his mother's brutal death. Soon, he comes face to face with the worst dilemma a son can ever have. How can he possibly forgive, when his father remains a remorseless, brutal and heartless murderer?.

Author McIntosh Polela
ISBN 9781431401604
Format Paperback
Pages 256p.

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